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methane hydrates

Clean Fossil Energy

Unlocking Fire Ice

A PNNL-developed software is being used to study a new way of producing methane hydrates—a massive and largely untapped source of energy.   Rest of story…

power lines

Electricity Infrastructure

PNNL smart grid management technology licensed to Calico

Technology balances power supply and demand at lowest possible cost.   Rest of story…

algae slurry

Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy

Algae to crude oil: Million-year natural process takes minutes in the lab

Engineers at PNNL have created a continuous chemical process that produces useful crude oil minutes after they pour in harvested algae. Rest of story…

Environmental Health & Remediation

Chemical treatment methods show potential for stabilizing contaminants

PNNL study identifies three treatment methods for stabilizing contaminants in underground tanks. Rest of story…

radiogel technology

Nuclear Regulatory

Gel technology offers a promising approach toward cancer treatment

An injectable radiogel technology delivers the yttrium-90 medical isotope to a precise location in the body for targeted radiation therapy. Rest of story…

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PNNL in the News

  • Greentech Media's Jeff St. John named PNNL as a MESA (Modular Energy Storage Architecture) Standards Group partner. The group is developing standards to make energy storage devices cost less. 10.02.14
  • EnergyBiz's David Groarke cited PNNL research that found the U.S could reduce energy use by as much as 6,500 megawatts through conservation voltage regulation in a story on utility energy efficiency. 10.02.14
  • The Everett Herald's Kari Bray reported PNNL has supported the DOE-funded, Snohomish PUD-led Admiralty Inlet tidal power project, which Snohomish PUD is abandoning due to cost overruns. While reporting on the project's cancellation, Oregon Public Broadcasting's Courtney Flatt also noted PNNL found the planned project's underwater turbine weren't likely to harm orcas. 09.30.14
  • Architecture magazine Freshome cited a 2011 PNNL study that found eco-friendly buildings use 25% less energy, 11% less water, emit 34% less carbon dioxide and cost 19% less in a story about green buildings. 09.30.14
  • A Department of Energy blog highlighted two reports by PNNL and NREL that identified the challenges of making algal biofuel in a piece of algal biofuel accomplishments funded by DOE's Biotechnologies Office. 09.30.14
  • Wyoming Business Report and others reported PNNL is one of the institutions involved in new wind energy research being led by University of Wyoming. 09.29.14
  • The Tri-City Herald's Annette Cary mentioned PNNL in a story about how the Tri-City Development Council held a meeting to discuss a preliminary report on how much money a small nuclear plant would save the organization that builds it. 09.25.14
  • Washington State Department of Ecology mentioned PNNL in a story about ocean acidification. 09.25.14
  • Power Electronics' Sam Davis reported on PNNL's liquid metal alloy electrode for sodium beta batteries. 09.15.14
  • Power Pulse reported PNNL is working with Alstom Grid and others on a new, DOE-funded project to advance microgrid control. 09.15.14
  • Tri-City Herald and The Olympian reported PNNL is leading a project to better manage sensor data about marine life near ocean energy devices. 09.13.14
  • The Reporter, Daily Democrat and Medical Construction and Design reported PNNL was involved in a UC Davis-led project to develop smart, energy-efficient lighting for a Vacaville, Calif., hospital. 09.13.14
  • The Associated Press reported PNNL is commissioning two research buoys that will measure offshore winds to predict the power-producing potential of offshore wind power sites. Various outlets, including The Washington Times, KHQ TV, and the Statesman Journal, published the story. 09.12.14
  • 4Traders, Agri Marketing and others reported that ADM's Todd Werpy and PNNL's Alan Zacher and John Frye have been awarded the 2014 Affordable Green Chemistry award from the American Chemical Society for their process to make the chemical propylene glycol from renewable sources. 09.12.14
  • UC Davis reported PNNL was involved in a project to develop smart, energy-efficient lighting for a Vacaville, Calif., hospital. 09.11.14
  • Architectural Lighting's Alice Liao quoted PNNL's Michael Royer in a story on color performance in light-emitting diode (LED) lamps. 09.08.14

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