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methane hydrates

Clean Fossil Energy

Unlocking Fire Ice

A PNNL-developed software is being used to study a new way of producing methane hydrates—a massive and largely untapped source of energy.   Rest of story…

power lines

Electricity Infrastructure

PNNL smart grid management technology licensed to Calico

Technology balances power supply and demand at lowest possible cost.   Rest of story…

algae slurry

Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy

Algae to crude oil: Million-year natural process takes minutes in the lab

Engineers at PNNL have created a continuous chemical process that produces useful crude oil minutes after they pour in harvested algae. Rest of story…

Environmental Health & Remediation

Chemical treatment methods show potential for stabilizing contaminants

PNNL study identifies three treatment methods for stabilizing contaminants in underground tanks. Rest of story…

radiogel technology

Nuclear Regulatory

Gel technology offers a promising approach toward cancer treatment

An injectable radiogel technology delivers the yttrium-90 medical isotope to a precise location in the body for targeted radiation therapy. Rest of story…

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PNNL in the News

  • In the first monthly S&T column featured the Tri-City Herald, PNNL Director Mike Kluse explains that scientists at PNNL are working to advance energy storage technologies to enable clean, affordable and reliable electricity in the 21st century. 09.07.14
  • Triple Pundit reported PNNL is working to reduce the cost of sodium-beta batteries in a story on renewable energy storage. 09.05.14
  • ReNews, Power Engineering, EIN News, Argus Media and others reported PNNL was one of the organizations to lead marine power instrumentation research projects receiving a total of $7.25 million in new DOE funding. 09.04.14
  • Home Energy Magazine named two PNNL researchers - Cheryn Metzger and Sarah Widder - to its "30 Under 30" list of young professionals whose noteworthy work enables energy savings in buildings and homes. 09.04.14
  • Smart Grid News' Jesse Berst reported on a joint PNNL-NREL distributed energy test bed, which uses PNNL's Grid LAB-D power grid modeling software. 09.02.14
  • Public Power Daily's Robert Varela and SNL Energy's (subscription only) Esther Whieldon reported NERC's 2015 budget proposal includes a new cybersecurity initiative using PNNL's Cybersecurity Risk Information Sharing Program (CRISP). 08.29.14
  • Bloomberg News' Eduard Gismatullin reported Velocys licensed its microchannel technology from PNNL in a story about Velocys receiving support from two high-profile investors - former BP exec Tony Hayward and British football club owner Roman Abramovich - to build plants that turn natural gas into liquid transportation fuels. 08.26.14
  • Dark Reading, InfoSecurity and others reported that Qubitekk will work with PNNL and others to develop "unhackable quantum encryption technology" that protects the power grid from cyber-attacks. 08.26.14
  • PNNL was mentioned briefly in a Eugene, Oregon Register Guard article on business startups benefiting from an Oregon State University Program. PNNL is collaborates with ONAMI a program that commercializes new products. 08.25.14
  • Northwest Public Radio's Courtney Flatt quoted PNNL's Pete McGrail and described PNNL projects to extract rare earth minerals from geothermal brine. Many regional public radio stations aired the story, including Oregon Public Radio and Jefferson Public Radio. 08.25.14

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