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methane hydrates

Clean Fossil Energy

Unlocking Fire Ice

A PNNL-developed software is being used to study a new way of producing methane hydrates—a massive and largely untapped source of energy.   Rest of story…

power lines

Electricity Infrastructure

PNNL smart grid management technology licensed to Calico

Technology balances power supply and demand at lowest possible cost.   Rest of story…

algae slurry

Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy

Algae to crude oil: Million-year natural process takes minutes in the lab

Engineers at PNNL have created a continuous chemical process that produces useful crude oil minutes after they pour in harvested algae. Rest of story…

Environmental Health & Remediation

Chemical treatment methods show potential for stabilizing contaminants

PNNL study identifies three treatment methods for stabilizing contaminants in underground tanks. Rest of story…

radiogel technology

Nuclear Regulatory

Gel technology offers a promising approach toward cancer treatment

An injectable radiogel technology delivers the yttrium-90 medical isotope to a precise location in the body for targeted radiation therapy. Rest of story…

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PNNL in the News

  • Tri-City Herald reported on PNNL's latest R&D 100 awards. Today's honors bring PNNL's total to 93 since the awards' inception in 1969. 07.14.14
  • Technology business news outlet Xconomy quoted PNNL's Gordon Graff in a feature story on startup company UniEnergy Technologies (UET). UET licensed PNNL's vanadium redox flow battery technology. 07.07.14
  • Fierce Smart Grid posted a column by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association's Ryan Franks about the challenges of standardizing energy storage, mentioning PNNL's efforts to provide input to the 2017 revision of the National Electric Code, or NFPA 70. 07.02.14
  • Hydrogen Fuel News reported that PNNL was awarded $2.2 million by the DOE to develop a system that makes hydrogen fuel from biomass. The project aims to establish an infrastructure that will support fuel cell vehicles and beat the cost of conventional gasoline. 07.01.14
  • Tri-City Herald reported that PNNL Associate Lab Director Jud Virden and PNNL Laboratory Fellow Greg Piepel received alumni awards from University of Washington and Central Washington University, respectively. 06.30.14
  • HPAC Engineering reported PNNL's Bing Liu received a distinguished service award from the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) during their annual conference. 06.29.14
  • Xconomy's Benjamin Romano quoted PNNL's Jud Virden and featured PNNL's research and development in a story about a discussion at a Washington Clean Technology Alliance meeting about the Northwest's leadership in clean tech business development. 06.23.14
  • CSP Today's Susan Kraemer reported on new concentrating solar power projected, including a thermochemical energy storage project involving metal hydrides that is led by PNNL's Ewa Ronnebro, funded by DOE's SunShot Initiative. 06.20.14
  • Research by Daniel Deng and Jie Xiao on a microbattery for fish research was covered by EDN. 06.17.14
  • HPAC Engineering reported on PNNL research that determined advanced efficiency controls of commercial rooftop HVAC units can reduce heating and cooling electricity use by an average of 57 percent. 06.12.14
  • Transmission & Distribution World reported UniEnergy Technologies is using vanadium redox flow battery technologies in its Uni.System grid-scale energy storage system. 06.12.14
  • Energy Design Updated quoted PNNL's Michael Baechler in a story about the PNNL-developed app for the Building America Solution Center, which provides information about energy-efficient building technologies, and the DOE Zero Energy Ready Home energy efficiency competition. No link available; Subscription required. 06.12.14
  • Several trade publications covered news from AXYS Technologies about its contract, managed by PNNL, to supply floating LIDAR systems for offshore wind studies. 06.12.14
  • White House Chronicle, a weekly PBS news and public affairs program, aired an interview on two Washington D.C. stations with PNNL staff member Mikey Brady Rapp in her role as American Nuclear Society President. The interview was broad and focused on some of the issues facing the nuclear field today like Fukushima and waste. The episode will air throughout the week on certain PBS and public, educational and government access stations and worldwide on the English language stations of Voice of America Television. The program also airs on Sirius XM Satellite Radio. 06.11.14
  • PNNL's Andrea Copping was quoted in a story by Xconomy about an offshore wind project, off the coast of Oregon, in which PNNL is a participant. 06.04.14
  • Electrical Construction & Maintenance reported PNNL's Ruth Taylor explained the Next Generation Luminaire competition at a conference on light-emitting diode technologies in March. 06.03.14
  • Tri-City Herald's Annette Cary ran a story on work by PNNL's Kevin Rosso that showed iron in soil can bind up technetium, preventing it from migrating. 06.01.14

What's New

The iron vanadium redox flow battery was developed by researchers at PNNL as a solution to large-scale energy storage for the power grid. This technology provides the energy industry and the nation with a reliable, stable, safe, and low-cost storage alternative for a cleaner, efficient energy future. See video.

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Check out EED's collection of Success Stories. This publication contains examples of how energy and environment innovations at PNNL are improving the world in which we live.

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