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Forging Our Nation's Clean Energy Future

Americans consume more energy per person than any other country in the world. At PNNL, we believe there can be no energy solutions without associated environmental solutions. From grid modernization and building controls to providing scientifically-defensible solutions for legacy nuclear waste, our researchers are helping deliver our nation's clean energy future.

  • Meazon's wireless metering system

    Wireless Metering Challenge

    To overcome the cost barrier associated with installing metering systems, researchers at PNNL developed and led the DOE Low-Cost Wireless Metering Challenge. The Challenge spurred market introduction of a low-cost, wireless system that measures electricity use at various locations in a building and communicates data wirelessly to a local collection point, resulting in the system developed by Meazon.

  • Dawn Wellman

    Wellman Completes Inaugural DOE Leadership Program

    Dawn Wellman completed the Department of Energy's Oppenheimer Science and Energy Leadership Program in the spring of 2017. Wellman was chosen to serve as a member of the inaugural program based on her record of professional and scientific accomplishment, demonstrated leadership, commitment to service, and potential for continuing contributions to society.

  • ThermalTracker

    ThermalTracker: The Secret Lives of Bats and Birds Revealed

    Offshore wind developers and stakeholders can accelerate the sustainable, widespread deployment of offshore wind using a new open-source software program called ThermalTracker. Researchers can now collect the data they need to better understand the potential effects of offshore wind turbines on bird and bat populations.

  • Bing Liu

    Bing Liu Selected to Chair Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings

    Bing Liu was selected as the conference co-chair for the 2018 American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings.

  • Carl Imhoff

    Leader of PNNL Electricity Infrastructure Research Discusses Grid Modernization with U.S. Senate

    Carl Imhoff, leader of power grid research at PNNL and co-chair of DOE's Grid Modernization Laboratory Consortium, testified on grid modernization before the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources on March 14, 2017. He was one of seven witnesses who provided testimony on opportunities to improve American energy infrastructure.

  • Zero Energy

    Zero is the Hero: Energy Efficient Homes Construct Better Lives

    PNNL is helping the U.S. Department of Energy's Zero Energy Ready Home Program deliver energy-efficient homes across the country. A total of 39 case studies show that homes can offset their energy bills and even produce more energy than they consume.

  • Regional Project Reveals the Potential of Transactive Control

    Regional Project Reveals the Potential of Transactive Control

    Recent results from two PNNL experiments show promise for advancing both the "clean" and "transactive" aspects of energy management—at the intersection of buildings, the power grid, and distributed energy resources.

Core Research Areas

We are organized into core research areas that align with customers' mission needs.

Energy and Environment

Core Research Areas