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methane hydrates

Clean Fossil Energy

Unlocking Fire Ice

A PNNL-developed software is being used to study a new way of producing methane hydrates—a massive and largely untapped source of energy.   Rest of story…

power lines

Electricity Infrastructure

PNNL smart grid management technology licensed to Calico

Technology balances power supply and demand at lowest possible cost.   Rest of story…

algae slurry

Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy

Algae to crude oil: Million-year natural process takes minutes in the lab

Engineers at PNNL have created a continuous chemical process that produces useful crude oil minutes after they pour in harvested algae. Rest of story…

Environmental Health & Remediation

Chemical treatment methods show potential for stabilizing contaminants

PNNL study identifies three treatment methods for stabilizing contaminants in underground tanks. Rest of story…

radiogel technology

Nuclear Regulatory

Gel technology offers a promising approach toward cancer treatment

An injectable radiogel technology delivers the yttrium-90 medical isotope to a precise location in the body for targeted radiation therapy. Rest of story…

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PNNL in the News

  • Tri-City Herald's Annette Cary reported PNNL is leading two new projects to extract rare earth and other valuable metals from geothermal brine, a byproduct of the geothermal power generation process. 08.07.14
  • Nanowerk reported on research by PNNL's Praveen Thallapally, Pete McGrail, and Radha Kishan Motkuri to develop a nanomaterial called a "metal organic framework" to make an energy-efficient adsorption chiller. 08.07.14
  • Live Science's Tanya Lewis quoted PNNL's Andrea Copping on the energy-generating potential and environmental impacts of ocean energy. Yahoo! News and others reposted the story. 08.05.14
  •'s John Roach quoted PNNL's Kevin Schneider on how much solar power the grid can handle in a story on the growth of residential solar energy. MSN Canada reposted the story. 08.04.14
  • ClimateWire's Henry Gaas quoted PNNL's Xiaochuan Lu in a story about PNNL's new liquid metal alloy anode, which enables sodium-beta batteries to operate at cooler temperatures. Green Car Congress and others also reported on the new anode. 08.04.14
  • EIN News reported on PNNL's liquid metal alloy anode, which improves the performance of sodium-beta batteries. 08.01.14
  • Business Energy profiled energy efficiency researcher Graham Parker of PNNL. 07.31.14
  • ClearingUp's Jude Noland quoted PNNL's Henry Huang about PNNL's ARPA-E project to use data to operate power transmission lines more efficiently. No link available; subscription required. 07.31.14
  • LEDs Magazine reported that PNNL research determined not all LED systems are compatible with all control protocols. 07.31.14
  • SNL Energy's Esther Whieldon quoted PNNL's Paul Skare and cited publicly available PNNL documents in a story on PNNL's Cybersecurity Risk Information Sharing Program and its use by utilities and the National Electricity Reliability Corporation to thwart cyber-attacks on the power grid. 07.31.14
  • Green Car Congress' Mike Milliken reported on a Chemical Communications paper about PNNL's new battery that combines the advantages of lithium and magnesium electrochemistries. Silobreaker reposted the story. 07.30.14
  • All LED Lighting reported on PNNL's finding that LED-based MR16 lamps have room for improvement, as determined by performance tests conducted for DOE's Commercially Available LED Product Evaluation and Reporting program. 07.30.14
  • Smart Grid News' Jesse Berst reported on PNNL's VOLTTRON platform for transactive energy management. 07.30.14
  • Chemistry World's Tim Wogan quoted PNNL's Jason Zhang as an outside lithium battery expert in a story about new research coming out of Stanford University. 07.28.14
  • Digital Trends reported on PNNL's sponge-link silicon anode, which extends the life of lithium-ion batteries. 07.27.14
  • Clearing Up's Jude Noland quoted PNNL's Henry Huang in a story about the Third Workshop on Next-Generation Analytics for the Future Power Grid, which PNNL hosted July 17-18 to build a community of industry, vendor and research representatives that will jointly foster the development and use of advanced computational tools to improve power grid operations. No link available; subscription required. 07.27.14
  • Peninsula Daily News' Joe Smillie reported on a talk by PNNL's Charlie Brandt regarding the work and mission of PNNL's Marine Sciences Laboratory in Sequim. 07.24.14
  • Engineered Systems reported that PNNL and others are sponsoring the second International Conference and Workshop on Transactive Energy, which will run Dec. 10-11 in Portland, Oregon. 07.24.14
  • Smart Grid News' posted an essay by 1Energy Systems' Rogers Weed about energy storage, noting that PNNL conducts cost-benefit analysis of energy storage. 07.23.14
  • Renewable Energy World reported UniEnergy Technologiesí vanadium redox flow battery system is based on PNNL technology in a story on the slough of recent advances related to grid-scale energy storage. 07.22.14
  • DOE mentioned PNNL's Solar Thermochemical Advanced Reactor System in a post about national lab research that won R&D 100 awards. 07.22.14
  • Energy Prospects West and Windpower Engineering reported PNNL is supporting three energy storage projects in Washington state. 07.21.14
  • DOE-OE Assistant Secretary Patricia Hoffman, while writing about three new energy storage projects in Washington state, noted two of the projects will use vanadium redox flow battery technology developed at PNNL and that PNNL is providing technical support for the three projects. 07.18.14
  • Fierce Energy, EV World, Space Daily and others reported on a PNNL-developed sponge-like silicon anode that improves lithium-ion batteries. 07.17.14
  • Smart Grid News' Jesse Berst reported PNNL technology is used in UniEnergy Technologies' vanadium redox flow battery in a story about flow batteries. 07.16.14
  • Edmunds' John O'Dell cited PNNL analysis that found the U.S. power grid could support 150 million electric vehicles in a story about alternative fuels for transportation. 07.16.14
  • News Release - Five PNNL researchers named among the world's most cited 07.14.14
  • Tri-City Herald reported on PNNL's latest R&D 100 awards. Today's honors bring PNNL's total to 93 since the awards' inception in 1969. 07.14.14
  • Tri-City Herald and EIN News a reported five PNNL researchers were named in Thomson Reuter's Most Highly Cited Researchers 2014 list: Jun Liu, Alex Guenther, Phil Rasch, Yuyan Shao and Yuehe Lin. 07.14.14
  • Electrical Contractor reported on PNNL research that found rooftop commercial heating and cooling systems could save an average of 57 percent with advanced efficiency controls. 07.14.14
  • News Release - PNNL scientists win 3 R&D 100 awards for visual display, analytics and energy technologies 07.11.14
  • Smart Grid Observer, Energy Manager Today and Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business reported PNNL is providing technical support for three Washington State-funded energy storage projects. 07.11.14

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Mikey Brady-Raap

PNNL's John Frye and Alan Zacher have received the 2015 ACS Award for Affordable Green Chemistry for developing a sustainable, economic process to create the common chemical propylene glycol from renewable sources instead of petroleum. The Tri-City Herald and Businessweek have reported on this award.

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