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Clean Fossil Energy

Slashing greenhouse gas emissions

Many of the things you do every day such as drive your car, run your air conditioning, and turn on the lights rely on the burning of fossil fuels—that is, coal, oil, and natural gas. Burning fossil fuels for energy is one of the main causes of global warming. It's also the source of almost 85% of the world's energy.

While our nation transitions away from burning these carbon-emitting fuels and develops cleaner energy sources, we will still rely on fossil fuels for at least the next 100 years.

To help with the transition, we have assembled a team of scientists and engineers dedicated to keeping emissions, including greenhouse gases, produced by burning coal, oil, and natural gas, from harming the atmosphere.

We work in four areas:

Carbon capture [+ expand/ - collapse]

Carbon sequestration (storage) [+ expand/ - collapse]

Sustainable hydrocarbon production and processing [+ expand/ - collapse]

Fuel cells [+ expand/ - collapse]

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