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As PNNL's Energy & Environment organization, our mission is unique in its diversity, from discovering efficient sources for renewable energy to providing scientifically defensible solutions for legacy nuclear waste. Through grid modernization and hydropower research, to buildings and appliances, our wide-ranging research areas are creating a safer environment while moving new ideas from the bench to the market. We are dedicated to a cleaner future, restored environment, and a stronger economy.

  • ChemComm Cover Features Radha Motkuri’s Research

    ChemComm Cover Features Radha Motkuri's Research

    Radha K. Motkuri, Hydrocarbon Processing Group, was featured on the January 7th cover of ChemComm. The issue also published Dr. Motkuri's article, written in collaboration with the University of Houston, which describes how the rational design of silicon-rich zeolites has the potential to improve their thermal stability for applications in catalysis, gas storage, and selective separations.

  • Probe of Radiolysis Behavior Reveals New Perspective

    Probe of Radiolysis Behavior Reveals New Perspective

    Recently published PNNL research into radiolysis—or radiation's ability to cause molecular decomposition in substances—demonstrated a tendency for the radiolysis system to jump unpredictably from one condition to another. The findings may help explain some anomalies that have turned up in similar experiments in this research field.

  • Presidential Appointee to Lead PNNL’s Nuclear Process Science Initiative

    Presidential Appointee to Lead PNNL's Nuclear Process Science Initiative

    Sue Clark, an internationally known environmental radiochemist, joined PNNL in January as a Battelle Fellow. Dr. Clark will lead PNNL's new Nuclear Process Science Initiative, which seeks to better understand waste processing and nuclear forensics, while leveraging the unique capabilities of PNNL's Radiochemical Processing Laboratory.

  • Driving Down the Cost of Renewable Gasoline

    Successful Groundwater Workshop to Join International Water Resource Training Program

    At the request of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Dawn Wellman, program manager for environmental remediation and health research at PNNL, organized and taught a week-long course on Groundwater Pollution, Hydrology, and Remediation at IAEA Headquarters in December 2014. The course was so well attended and received that it will become part of the IAEA annual training program for protection of water resources.

  • PNNL Wraps Up New Efficiency Standard for Commercial Ice Makers

    PNNL Wraps Up New Efficiency Standard for Commercial Ice Makers

    With a final push over the Christmas holiday, PNNL helped DOE meet its goal of finalizing 10 energy efficiency standards in 2014 in support of the President's Climate Action Plan. The automatic commercial ice makers standard will help reduce harmful CO2 pollution by 4 million metric tons and save Americans nearly $600 million in electricity bills through 2030.

  • Rewards for Responsible, Real-time Energy Management

    Rewards for Responsible, Real-time Energy Management

    Funded by the DOE's Building Technologies Office, PNNL and collaborators recently completed a 2-year Transactional Network Project that successfully demonstrated cooperative decision-making is possible for buildings. They used a software platform called VOLTTRON™ that allows communication between the grid and a building's physical devices or systems to control how and when those devices use electricity.

  • Fred Zhang

    Fred Zhang Invited as Associate Editor for Soil Science Society of America Journal

    Fred Zhang, a scientist in PNNL's Hydrology group, was selected by the Soil Science Society of America Journal (SSSAJ) as an Associate Editor for the Soil Physics division. Dr. Zhang will serve a three-year term from January 2015 through December 2017. The journal has published several articles authored by Dr. Zhang, including some that cover the vadose zone research performed at PNNL.

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