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methane hydrates

Clean Fossil Energy

Unlocking Fire Ice

A PNNL-developed software is being used to study a new way of producing methane hydrates—a massive and largely untapped source of energy.   Rest of story…

PNNL Solar Researchers Win R&D Award

Electricity Infrastructure

Future Energy Conference highlights innovations and partnerships

Virden among thought-leaders speaking at Seattle event Rest of story…

PNNL Solar Researchers Win R&D Award

Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy

PNNL Solar Researchers Win R&D Award

PNNL researchers have brought home 3 of the 100 R&D awards, also known as the "Oscars of Innovation", after a ceremony in Las Vegas on November 7, 2014. Rest of story…

Environmental Health & Remediation

Chemical treatment methods show potential for stabilizing contaminants

PNNL study identifies three treatment methods for stabilizing contaminants in underground tanks. Rest of story…

radiogel technology

Nuclear Regulatory

Gel technology offers a promising approach toward cancer treatment

An injectable radiogel technology delivers the yttrium-90 medical isotope to a precise location in the body for targeted radiation therapy. Rest of story…

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PNNL in the News

  • Electric Light & Power published and essay on conservation voltage reduction that quotes PNNL's Jeff Taft. 12.09.14
  • Canadian Mining Journal and others reported Star Minerals Group is participating in a PNNL-led project to develop a method to extract rare earth minerals from geothermal brine. 12.09.14
  • Renewable Energy World's Roy Hales quoted PNNL's Landis Kannberg in a story about Germany and U.S. adopting energy storage technologies. 12.09.14
  • Mashable reposted a Dec. 3 TakePart story on PNNL's Sensor Fish technology. 12.06.14
  • HyrdoWorld reported PNNL is receiving DOE funding to develop computer hardware and software algorithms to detect, track and characterize aquatic organisms new marine power sites. 12.05.14
  •'s Taylor Hill quoted PNNL's Daniel Deng in a story about the Sensor Fish, which measures the physical stresses fish experience as they pass through hydroelectric dams. 12.03.14
  • In the lead, front-page story, USA Today's William M. Welch quoted PNNL's Jeff Dagle discussing how aging electric infrastructure can contribute to power outages about a city-wide Dec. 2 blackout in Detroit. More than a dozen other Gannett-owned papers across the country also ran the story. No link available; in print only 12.02.14
  • The Yale Climate Connections podcast quoted PNNL's Ron Melton in a piece on transactive energy enabling a more stable power grid and lower energy prices for consumers. 12.02.14
  • Green Car Congress's Mike Millikin covered a story about how alucone coating improves silicon electrode performance. 12.02.14
  • The Tri-City Herald published a brief noting PNNL's Carl Imhoff will coordinate a 12-lab effort to develop a multi-year program plan for electric grid modernization. 11.27.14
  • Federal Computer Week reported on PNNL's Sensor Fish, which measures the physical stresses fish experience as they pass through hydroelectric dams. 11.24.14
  • quoted PNNL's Yuyan Shao in a story about magnesium-ion batteries for electric vehicles. 11.24.14
  • DOE's Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy highlighted a joint PNNL-INL report on co-firing biomass with coal for electricity generation. Biomass Magazine reposted the piece. 11.20.14
  • Amanda Mascarelli of the crowd-funded climate change publication Flux quoted PNNL's Pete McGrail about the Wallula carbon sequestration project in a story on carbon sequestration as a way to mitigate climate change. 11.19.14
  • LiveScience's Laura Geggel reported PNNL recently tested Whooshh Innovation's "salmon cannon" fish transportation system in a story about the technology. Whooshh also mentioned PNNL's test in a release about the technology winning a 2014 Best of What's Next award from Popular Science. 11.13.14
  • The latest issue of DOE Pulse highlights PNNL computational research into the reactions and energy needed to construct the basic unit of a popular metal organic framework. 11.10.14

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