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As PNNL's Energy & Environment organization, our mission is unique in its diversity, from discovering efficient sources for renewable energy to providing scientifically defensible solutions for legacy nuclear waste. Through grid modernization and hydropower research, to buildings and appliances, our wide-ranging research areas are creating a safer environment while moving new ideas from the bench to the market. We are dedicated to a cleaner future, restored environment, and a stronger economy.

  • PNNL Sustainable Hydropower Series: Evaluation of the

    PNNL Sustainable Hydropower Series: Evaluation of the "Salmon Cannon" for Dam Fish Passage

    A free webinar discussing new and innovative fish passage technologies will be hosted by PNNL researchers on September 10, 2015. The researchers will report on findings from a study it did on the Whooshh Fish Transport System (the "Salmon Cannon") and the roll the technology could play in moving fish past obstacles like the Grand Coulee Dam.

  • Perfecting Power Projections

    Perfecting Power Projections

    Accurately forecasting future electricity needs is tricky, with sudden weather changes and other variables impacting projections minute by minute. Errors can have grave repercussions, from blackouts to high market costs. Now, a new forecasting tool delivers up to a 50 percent increase in accuracy and has the potential to save millions in wasted energy costs.

  • Under Pressure

    Under Pressure

    While many of us feel that we work in a high-pressure environment, it is now a physical reality for researchers embarking on work in a new hyperbaric research facility. Six customized reactors, valued at $17.5k each, simulate the pressure of deep ocean environments up to two kilometers in depth – the equivalent of 22 football fields.

  • Renewable Fuel Options, Fish Tags, and Energy Forecasts: A Few of R&D Magazine’s Favorite Things

    Renewable Fuel Options, Fish Tags, and Energy Forecasts: A Few of R&D Magazine's Favorite Things

    The editors of R&D Magazine have announced their finalists for the 2015 R&D 100 Awards, and three of them are from PNNL's Energy and Environment Directorate. From renewable fuel options, to injectable tags for tracking fish, and a new system for forecasting energy availability, here is a quick summary of our finalists.

  • Building a Vision of the Future

    Building a Vision of the Future

    The Buildings of the Future project culminated with a final workshop on July 31st. Nearly 100 experts representing 60 different organizations spent the day reviewing preliminary research findings and providing additional input and ideas for the future buildings vision being developed.

  • Alison Colotelo

    Fisheries Researcher Acknowledged with Education Award

    PNNL awards staff for their significant contributions to science and engineering education with the Fitzner-Eberhardt award. This year, PNNL is proud to acknowledge Alison Colotelo, a research scientist in the Ecology group.

  • Nick Barilo Earns Annual Merit Review Award

    Nick Barilo Earns Annual Merit Review Award

    Each year the DOE Fuel Cell Technologies Office (FCTO) conducts an annual merit review where scientific experts rate projects for their value. At this year's FCTO review, PNNL project manager Nick Barilo was recognized for his work in developing fuel cell safety training resources.

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We are organized into core research areas that align with customers' mission needs.

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