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PNNL Technology at ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit

Exhibits include PNNL research and development for energy independence and electricity infrastructure

February 2017

Where will the future of energy technology take us? PNNL joins researchers and professionals at the ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit to share innovative ways of addressing America's energy challenges through technological advancements.

Two Brains are Better Than One: How the Geothermal Community Upped the Game for Computer Codes

Modeling an underground world of uncertainty requires collaboration

February 2017

The purpose of the Geothermal Technologies Office Code Comparison Study is to determine how well the geothermal research community characterizes and models enhanced geothermal systems. The study brought together 11 research institutions to test, compare, improve, and discuss their numerical simulators. These codes have the potential to help facilitate widespread geothermal energy development.

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