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Capturing FutureGen 2.0

Body of work and benefits of carbon storage featured in special issue of International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control

April 2017

Over the last few decades, carbon capture and storage approaches have been developed to capture carbon dioxide and inject it into underground reservoirs. FutureGen 2.0 was a project that aimed to develop these approaches at the industrial scale. Although support for this project ended in 2015, FutureGen 2.0 provided valuable information and tangible results.

Catching More Carbon with Less Sticky Solvents

New computation model could change the way carbon dioxide is captured

November 2016

Researchers at PNNL have found a better way to test carbon-capturing solvents. They created and validated a computational model that predicts how easily a solvent will flow and how much carbon it will capture. The model offers definitive, accurate predictions about different carbon-capture solvents and it can—in a few hours or days—show the potential capture properties of a solvent.

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