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VOLTTRON™ User Community Expands Overseas

Researchers at PNNL collaborate with South Korea-based institute to pursue energy-efficient neighborhood

September 2017

Researchers from the Korea Institute of Energy Research are collaborating with PNNL and using VOLTTRON™ to expand their energy management testbed in South Korea. The institute wants to create a community level energy management system using transactive control, similar to what PNNL is doing with the Clean Energy and Transactive Campus project.

Balancing Act: PNNL Study Featured in Bulk Power Systems Book

Consolidation of balancing authorities could result in economic and regulatory efficiencies

September 2017

A recent study by PNNL researchers is part of a new book about integrating renewable energy in bulk power systems. The study, "Balancing Authority Cooperation Concepts to Reduce Variable Generation Integration Costs in the Western Interconnection: Consolidating Balancing Authorities and Sharing Balancing Reserves," was published as Chapter 6 in the book Integration of Large-Scale Renewable Energy into Bulk Storage Systems.

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