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Grid Architecture: Building Consensus for Grid Modernization

Multi-national lab team, industry collaborating on tools to address increasingly complex grid

February 2017

A research team led by power grid experts from PNNL has developed tools that the electricity industry needs to manage the mounting complexity of the nation's power grid. They developed several key products that will help industry decision makers—such as regulators, utilities, and technology developers—develop a consensus for grid modernization and provide a common basis for new investments, technology development, and products and services.

Grid Smart: Special Issue Features PNNL Transactive Energy Expertise

IEEE's Electrification Magazine focuses on understanding and effectively deploying transactive systems

February 2017

Widespread communications, distributed energy resources, and new control paradigms present both a challenge and an opportunity when it comes to energy use and management. The December 2016 issue of IEEE's Electrification Magazine focuses on transactive energy, an emerging energy management approach to bridge this divide, with contributions from several PNNL staff.

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