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Separation Technique for Radioactive Technetium

Composite promises efficient pertechnetate removal for nuclear waste immobilization

January 2017

A tin-aluminum-phosphate composite synthesized by researchers at PNNL has separated troublesome pertechnetate—a difficult-to-immobilize chemical form found in the highly radioactive contaminant technetium-99 (Tc)—in alkaline nuclear wastes. Based on six months of testing, the results hold important implications for using these composites for immobilizing low-temperature waste forms.

An Award-Winning Subsurface Software

E4D-RT takes subsurface imaging software where no commercial software has gone before

November 2016

A subsurface imaging software that combines supercomputing data analysis with real-time imaging and modeling capabilities was named one of the 100 most innovative scientific breakthroughs of the year. Real-time Four-Dimensional Subsurface Imaging Software—or E4D-RT—and its inventor, PNNL scientist Tim Johnson, were recognized November 3 at the R&D 100 Awards ceremony near Washington, D.C.

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