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IEEE Spectrum published a story on how PNNL-developed vanadium redox-flow batteries have become competitive for grid-scale energy storage. 10.26.17

Daily Energy Insider and GreenTech Media covered an announcement that PNNL will lead five new projects in a DOE grid modernization initiative aimed at improving distribution resiliency systems. 09.14.17

MIT Technology Review quoted PNNL’s Nick Fernandez and cited PNNL research in a story about radiative cooling, an energy-efficient alternative to cooling buildings. 09.12.17

CleanTech Group mentioned PNNL in a story on transactive energy and the grid. 09.11.17

The Tri-City Herald quoted PNNL’s Daniel Deng in a story about the continued advancement of PNNL’s acoustic fish-tracking tags. 9.10.17

Green Car Congress reported that PNNL will team with the Colorado School of Mines to improve the productivity of robust wild algal strains in the production of algal biofuels. No link available. 09.08.17

Greenwire cited a 2015 PNNL study and quoted PNNL’s Nick Fernandez in a story about Stanford University-developed radiative sky cooling panels that can reduce the amount of energy used to cool buildings. 09.06.17

In a story about hydroelectric dams’ effect on water temperatures, NW Fishletter quoted a NOAA Fisheries spokesman, who cited a PNNL study that found Lower Snake River dams kept river water cooler in the late spring. 09.05.17

Greenwire quoted PNNL’s Shari Matzner in a story on PNNL’s ThermalTracker software, which evaluates thermal video to identify birds and bats near offshore wind turbines. Subscription required. 09.05.17

Yahoo! News and Digital Trends posted stories that quote PNNL’s Ram Devanathan as an expert in a story about the University of Manchester-developed modified graphene oxide membranes for water filtration. 09.05.12

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