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In a summary of fuel cell and vehicle projects supported by the latest round of DOE’s Small Business Voucher pilot, Green Car Congress reported that PNNL will work with Emerald Energy NW to advance its hydrogen liquefaction system to enable small, modular fuel cell car filling stations. 04.28.17

In a story about five new bioenergy projects funded through DOE’s Small Business Voucher pilot, Biomass Magazine reported that PNNL will work with ThermChem to make its bio-coal production method more cost-effective. No link available. 04.26.17

Green Car Congress, Engineering 360 and Nanotechnology Now reported on PNNL researchers explaining how lithium-air batteries blow bubbles, knowledge that could be used to improve their performance. 04.26.17

KNDU covered PNNL’s research converting methane to biomass; the story was picked up by other TV stations around the country. 04.25.17 highlighted PNNL’s E4D-RT tool, which enables scientists to better image the subsurface and could be used for geothermal energy development. 04.17.17 

Lahaina News cited PNNL research into the energy-savings potential of a new energy code that Hawaii Governor David Ige has approved. 04.13.17

Ars Technica and Energy Storage News reported that PNNL’s electrolyte chemistry is used in UniEnergy Technologies’ vanadium flow battery, which was recently installed as the world’s largest containerized flow battery. 04.06.17

BBC News, International Business Times, CNN, Christian Science Monitor, Yahoo! News, and Popular Science published stories that quoted PNNL’s Ram Devanathan as an expert in a story on a graphene sieve developed by the UK’s University of Manchester as an approach to treating industrial wastewater. 04.03.17

In stories on turning seawater into drinking water, the U.K.’s International Business Times and BBC News quoted PNNL’s Ram Devanathan and his article that was published in Nature Nanotechnology. 04.03.17

In a round-up story on various lighting technologies, Architectural Lighting quoted PNNL’s Andrea Wilkerson as saying generative design software could change lighting research and design. 04.03.17

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