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The Sequim Gazette reported that PNNL’s George Bonheyo will discuss synthetic biology at an upcoming Science Café gathering in Sequim, Washington. 01.04.17

Power Pulse noted its coverage of PNNL’s improved rechargeable zinc-manganese battery was its second-most read story in 2016. 01.02.17

In an article on DOE-award money for projects related to biofuels, Green Car Congress mentioned that PNNL partnered with LanzaTech on jet fuel production technology. 12.29.16

Vice News’ Motherboard named PNNL’s research on the conversion of carbon dioxide to rock in basalt flows on a list of “happiest environmental news of 2016. 12/28/16

Forbes published a story about the results of a field demonstration that shows carbon can be quickly converted to rock underground in basalt formations. 12.27.16

Public News Service and Geekwire reported on PNNL’s hydrothermal liquefication technology for converting sewage to biocrude fuel. 12.23.16

Canadian Broadcasting Corp. and iTech Post reported on Metro Vancouver’s plans to build a demonstration plant based on PNNL’s hydrothermal liquefication technology for bioconversion of sewage sludge to biocrude fuel. 12.22.16

India’s The Tech Times reported on the miniaturization of a muon detector to image sequestered carbon dioxide in underground repositories. 12.20.16

Science quoted PNNL’s Phillip Koech about PNNL’s amine-based carbon capture solvent in a round-up story on the status of various carbon capture technologies. 12.16.16

Fast Company and the American Council on Science and Health reported on PNNL’s modified sawdust for oil spill cleanup in the Arctic. 12.16.16

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