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Architectural Lighting reported that PNNL’s Andrea Wilkerson is serving as a member-at-large of the International Association of Lighting Designers’ Education Trust’s 2017 board of directors. 02.17.17

The Associated Press noted University of Washington researchers involved in the PNNL-led Battery500 consortium will use a new energy storage lab in Seattle. The story was picked up nationally, including in The Sacramento Bee and U.S. News & World Report. 02.16.17

Age Times reported on PNNL research results of a field test that verified sequestering CO2 in basalt generates a chemical reaction that turns the gas to rock. 02.16.17

IEEE’s Engineering 360 reported on PNNL’s self-healing cement for geothermal wells. 02.15.17

Energy Manager and HPAP Engineering cited a PNNL finding that the 2016 version of the ANSI/ASHRAE/IES 90.1—the Energy Standard for Buildings Except Low-Rise Residential Buildings—could reduce energy use by 30 percent. 02.15.17

Climate News Network included PNNL’s sewage-to-fuel story in a story about the world without fossil fuels. 02.14.17

The Environmental Leader reported that the PNNL-developed sewage-to-fuel process is key to a new project that DOE is funding to design a pilot plant at a wastewater treatment plant near Oakland. 02.13.17

Tri-City radio station 98.3 reported on PNNL’s research into ancient Swedish hilfort glass that may provide information about glass as a waste form for storing radioactive waste. 02.11.17

Hydrogen Fuel News mentioned PNNL in a story about PNNL making hydrogen-producing catalysts out of inexpensive nickel. 02.07.17

Gas Processing News reported on DOE funding to a PNNL partner and licensee to design a demonstration facility to convert steel manufacturing waste gas to a low-cost ethanol intermediate. This “Lanzanol” will then be converted to jet fuel through a process developed by PNNL and LanzaTech. 02.06.17

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