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Age Times reported on PNNL research results of a field test that verified sequestering CO2 in basalt generates a chemical reaction that turns the gas to rock. 02.16.17

The Manufacturer reported on PNNL’s results from the Wallula carbon sequestration demonstration recently published in Environmental Science and Technology. 01.11.17

Discover Magazine listed research into carbon sequestration in basalt as one of the top 100 stories of 2016. PNNL published research that shows CO2 reacts with minerals in subsurface basalt and turns to stone, meaning CO2 could be permanently stored underground. Full text not available. 01.01.17

Vice News’ Motherboard named PNNL’s research on the conversion of carbon dioxide to rock in basalt flows on a list of “happiest environmental news of 2016. 12/28/16

Forbes published a story about the results of a field demonstration that shows carbon can be quickly converted to rock underground in basalt formations. 12.27.16

India’s The Tech Times reported on the miniaturization of a muon detector to image sequestered carbon dioxide in underground repositories. 12.20.16

Science quoted PNNL’s Phillip Koech about PNNL’s amine-based carbon capture solvent in a round-up story on the status of various carbon capture technologies. 12.16.16

The Washington Post interviewed Pete McGrail regarding the results of the carbon sequestration on basalt field demo. 11.28.16

The Tri-City Herald interviewed PNNL’s Pete McGrail in a story on the carbon sequestration demonstration results published in Environmental Science & Technology Letters. KIRO and KOMO radio also did interviews and ran stories. 11.27.16

GHG Daily Exchange Monitor reported on PNNL’s study results of a field demonstration showing that carbon sequestered in basalt can quickly convert into solid rock. 11.21.16

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