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North American Clean Energy, Penn Energy, and The Herald of Everett, Wash., reported that a vanadium flow battery based on PNNL electrolyte chemistry was installed at a Snohomish PUD substation as part of a Washington state-funded energy storage project. 03.30.17

The Tri-City Herald reported that PNNL’s Yong Wang received the American Chemical Society’s annual Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Division fellow award. 03.19.17

Biomass Magazine reported that PNNL is working with Sandia and others on a multi-lab project to discover the best algae strains for biofuel production. 03.16.17

Water Power West noted PNNL provided computational fluid dynamics assistance to small hydro startup Percheron Power through DOE’s Small Business Vouchers program. 03.14.17

Yahoo Finance reported that ADI Energy collaborated with Phillips and PNNL to install LED lighting in DOE’s Forrestal Building in Washington, D.C. 03.13.17 reposted a PNNL Energy and Environment research highlight about a 2016 PNNL report that helped convince Hawaii to adopt new, energy-efficient building codes. 03.02.17

Green Car Congress and Electronics Weekly reported on PNNL’s findings that electrolyte additive enables fast charging lithium-metal batteries. 03.01.17

Chemical & Engineering News quoted PNNL’s Jason Zhang in a story about batteries that run on air. 02.27.17

Buildings reported on the PNNL-led DISCOVR project to develop a streamlined process to speed up algae growth for biofuel production. 02.27.17

EDN Network reported on PNNL’s tiny battery for fish-tracking acoustic tags. 02.24.17

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