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Multiple outlets—including Sustainability Matters, Process Worldwide, Energy Forecast, and GreenTech Germany–quoted PNNL's Johannes Lercher in a story about zeolite catalyst research published in Nature Communications. 07.05.17

NW Fishletter used an aerial photo by PNNL’s Ryan Harnish to illustrate a story about operational changes at Little Goose Dam on the Snake River in Washington state. 07.03.17

Axios, Clean Technica, Utility Dive, and Electronics 360 reported on a PNNL study that found commercial buildings could cut their energy use an average of 29 percent by properly using building controls. 06.26.17

Pacific Business News reported PNNL licensee UniEnergy Technologies will be installing one of its vanadium redox flow batteries, which are based on a PNNL electrolyte, near the Kona, Hawaii airport. 06.23.17

The Engineer posted a story on the issues associated with using corn as biofuel and pointed to PNNL’s HTL process to convert sewage to fuel as an alternative waste to convert to fuel. 06.20.17

Daily Commercial News reported on the Sensor Suitcase, a PNNL/LBNL tool to improve energy efficiency in small commercial buildings. 06.16.17

ChargedEVs quoted PNNL’s Michael Kintner-Meyer in a story about the power grid’s ability to support electric vehicles. 06.15.17

Green Car Congress reported that PNNL is working with SNL, LANL and NREL to lower the cost of producing biofuels from algae. 06.12.17

The Citizen’s Voice reported that Innaventure will received technical assistance from PNNL through DOE’s Small Business Vouchers program to develop improvements to the company's method to manufacture metal-organic frameworks. 06.10.17

Lab Manager published a feature on PNNL’s hydrothermal liquefaction process that converts sewage sludge to a biocrude fuel that can be used for transportation. The article quoted PNNL biofuels manager Corinne Drennan. 06.08.17

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