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Research for secure, sustainable energy

Americans consume more energy per person than any other country in the world. At PNNL, we believe there can be no energy solutions without associated environmental solutions. From grid modernization and building controls to providing scientifically-defensible solutions for legacy waste, our researchers are helping deliver secure, sustainable energy.

  • Robert (Bob) Davis

    Illuminating the Link between Light and Health

    The Illuminating Engineering Society recently awarded PNNL's Robert Davis the IES Presidential Award for his ongoing efforts to foster dialogue about light and human health amongst researchers and professionals from various fields.

  • Wave energy devices

    Stopping Fires before They Start: How a Salty Solution is Giving Lithium Metal Batteries a Safety Check

    A PNNL research team has addressed safety as well as performance challenges posed by lithium metal batteries through the development of a new electrolyte.

  • Wave energy devices

    Finding Energy Opportunities in the Blue Economy

    What if you could directly harness ocean energy to bring power where it didn't exist before? In a first-of-its-kind assessment, researchers from PNNL, working with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, have identified and assessed 12 markets that could benefit from marine energy.

  • Student Research Spotlighted in Prestigious Journal

    Student Research Spotlighted in Prestigious Journal

    Jamey Bower leveraged two summers of chemistry research at PNNL—through the SULI program—into a lead author role. The peer-reviewed journal article in the prestigious Applied Materials and Interfaces shows that potassium-loaded zeolite material was best at adsorbing carbon dioxide under industrial conditions.

  • PNNL Staff Are Among the 'Titans of Nuclear'

    Sustainable Jet Fuel: The Flight Path from Fundamental Science to Applied Technology

    PNNL's thermocatalytic process opened the door to sustainable jet fuel from low-cost waste gases. Commercial partner LanzaTech will build a U.S. facility to make millions of gallons of ethanol-based fuel annually.

  • Shedding Light on Increasingly Bright Night Skies

    Shedding Light on Increasingly Bright Night Skies

    When a recent study confirmed the Earth is getting brighter at night, attributing much of the increase to needless waste resulting from LEDs reducing the cost of lighting and hence driving unwarranted increases in its use, PNNL researchers felt compelled to respond. Their paper, "Light at Night—A Delicate Balance," offers an alternative perspective on what we can—and cannot—conclude about new evidence of brightening night skies.

  • Liu Receives DOE Distinguished Achievement Award

    Liu Receives DOE Distinguished Achievement Award

    Jun Liu honored with DOE Distinguished Achievement Award for world-class leadership of Battery500 Consortium.

Core Research Areas

We are organized into core research areas that align with customers' mission needs.

Energy and Environment

Core Research Areas