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Research for secure, sustainable energy

Americans consume more energy per person than any other country in the world. At PNNL, we believe there can be no energy solutions without associated environmental solutions. From grid modernization and building controls to providing scientifically-defensible solutions for legacy waste, our researchers are helping deliver secure, sustainable energy.

  • Color Research Illuminates Lighting Preferences

    Color Research Illuminates Lighting Preferences

    Lighting manufacturers are beginning to design and carry new products based on PNNL research about peoples' visual preferences. Lighting quality—especially how it makes the colors of objects appear—makes a big difference in personal comfort.

  • Water Resources Research Cover

    Building Infrastructure Resiliency to Extreme Snowmelt Events

    Public hydraulic infrastructure is typically designed for once-a-century, 24-hour storms. With shifting earth system patterns, however, warm and rainy storms often create extreme runoff events in snow-impacted regions. PNNL researchers found that current design specifications may result in water runoff that exceeds the design limits of existing infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, and culverts.

  • Zhaoqing Yang

    Scientist Named to Editorial Board of Journal of Coastal Research

    Zhaoqing Yang, Chief Scientist at PNNL's Marine Sciences Laboratory in Sequim, Washington, was elected to the Editorial Board of the Journal of Coastal Research.

  • Revised Energy Standard Determined to Foster Greater Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings

    Portland LEAPs Ahead on Energy Efficiency

    PNNL researchers helped reveal which Portland, Oregon, office buildings, if retrofit, could provide the biggest energy savings.

  • Revised Energy Standard Determined to Foster Greater Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings

    Revised Energy Standard Determined to Foster Greater Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings

    A revised energy standard that establishes minimum energy-efficiency requirements for commercial buildings has undergone review and analysis by DOE, with the updates deemed to improve energy efficiency. A final determination was issued on February 27.

  • Osman Ahmed

    PNNL's Osman Ahmed Helms International Technology Management Organization

    Pacific Northwest National Laboratory's Osman Ahmed has been elected president of the International Association for Management of Technology. The organization focuses on technology and innovation that create corporate wealth, both intellectual and capital. IAMOT promotes research on technology investment strategies that enhance the viability of business and industry and bring the benefits of technology to the public.

  • In the Lab 5,000 Feet Underground

    In the Lab 5,000 Feet Underground

    PNNL leads numerical modeling working group to investigate fracturing and fracture flow in nominally impermeable rock.

Core Research Areas

We are organized into core research areas that align with customers' mission needs.

Energy and Environment

Core Research Areas