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Seismic Studies a Success

September 2007
Congratulations to ETDís Tom Brouns and Alan Rohay on leading the PNNL team that effectively managed and delivered technical data and analyses to the Seismic Boreholes Project. The projectís success allowed the U.S. Department of Energy to resume construction at the Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant (WTP), designed to vitrify radioactive waste in underground tanks on the Hanford Site. Tom Brouns managed the project since April 2006, while Alan Rohay co-developed the technical plan and led the scientific investigations. This project involved obtaining subsurface seismic velocity and other data necessary to reduce the uncertainty in seismic design criteria. Approximately 50 PNNL staff contributed to the project. This teamwork was a clear example of PNNL's commitment to supporting the cleanup at the Hanford Site and protecting the Columbia River. Congratulations, again, on a job well done!

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