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Successful Fuel Cell System Demonstration.

May 2008
A 5-kilowatt electric power system incorporating a PNNL-developed fuel reformer was demonstrated at the 2007 Fuel Cell Seminar in San Antonio in October. The fuel cell system operated in the Battelle display area throughout the three-day event, powering area lights and a refrigerator. This is the first system known to have been publicly demonstrated powered by desulfurized JP8 fuel. A gas-phase hydrodesulfurization (HDS) technology, also developed at PNNL, reduced the sulfur content of the JP8 military fuel to levels compatible with the fuel reforming system. Military and commercial customers are highly interested in replacing conventional internal-combustion generators with fuel cell systems capable of operating quietly, with lower emissions, and higher efficiency. A critical requirement is that they use standard JP8 logistic fuel (military) or common road diesel (commercial). Greg Whyatt and Dave King are principal investigators on the reforming and HDS efforts, respectively. Xiwen Huang, Jim Davis, and Chris Fischer are key contributors, and Dale King is the project manager.

Page 695 of 1051

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