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Tyler Gilmore

Tyler Gilmore

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
PO Box 999
Richland, WA 99352
(509) 371-7171


Tyler Gilmore is currently serving as Director of the Processing and Manufacturing Technologies Management Office at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. In this role, he ensures the expert delivery on over 150 projects in the areas of industrial processes, bioenergy and conversions, hydrogen fuel cells, geothermal energy and carbon sequestration.

Tyler was recently the Program Manager for the FutureGen Carbon Sequestration Storage Site in Illinois. In this role, he led a large technical team that designed and permitted the first commercial-scale carbon sequestration site in the United States. The storage site was designed to store all of the carbon dioxide captured from a nearby coal-fire power plant deep underground. He has experience working directly with a wide range of clients including the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) and DOE office of Fossil Energy, along with the coal and utility companies. Tyler has also worked with the DOE office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in developing geothermal projects at PNNL as well as with the DOE office of Environmental Management on a number of national technical review panels and technical assistance teams.

Other relevant work experience includes Member of a Department of Energy expert working group for developing the next generation protocol for utilizing natural attenuation processes to address contaminated sites. Tyler led the development of the monitoring approach for applying MNA across the DOE complex. During this project, he worked with DOE headquarters, other national laboratories, universities, other federal agencies, regulators, and the public to develop and incorporate new technical approaches to remediation.

Along with the above, he has extensive experience in directing and operating laboratory and field operations. In addition to laboratory operations, his group has extensive field operations, which involve leading pilot scale field projects and the scale-up of technologies. Tyler was successful as a researcher for over 18 years, authoring over 50 journal articles related to environmental characterization and remediation and holding four patents. Prior to PNNL, he worked as a consulting geologist in the Oil and Gas Industry.

Research Interests

  • Technology development and deployment
  • Groundwater and soil characterization
  • Groundwater and soil remediation

Awards and Recognitions

  • Gilmore, T.J, DI Kaplan, and GV Last 2002. Methods and Apparatuses for Reagent Delivery, Reactive Barrier Formation, and Pest Control. U.S. Patent 6,416,250.
  • Gilmore, T.J, KJ Cantrell, and GR Holdren Jr. 2002. Method and Apparatus for Measuring Volatile Compounds in an Aqueous Solution. U.S. Patent 6,420,187.
  • Gilmore, T.J, DI Kaplan, and GR Holden Jr. 1998. Groundwater Well with Reactive Filter Pack. U.S. Patent 5,803,174.
  • Gilmore, T.J. and RG Riley. 2004. In Situ Formation of Reactive Barriers for Pollution Control. U.S. Patent Pending.
  • 2001 Communicator Award "Communicator Award of Distinction"
  • 2001 APEX Award of Excellence in the Web and Intranet Site Design category

PNNL Publications


  • Zhong L, AV Mitroshkov, and TJ Gilmore. 2016. Analysis of Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Compounds in Wastewater Sludge and Aqueous Samples using GC-MS/MSPNNL-25275, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, WA. 
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