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Energy and Environment Directorate


Chris Meinig, photo
Chris Meinig
CSD Director

Coastal Sciences Division

  • Coastal Research - Meg Pinza

Dawn Wellman, photo
Cindy Powell
ESSD Director (Acting)

Earth Systems Science Division

Karma Sawyer
Karma Sawyer
EI&BD Director

Electricity Infrastructure & Buildings Division

  • Building Simulation & Design Group - J Zhang
  • Building Systems Group - TJ Samuel
  • Distributed Systems Group - JW Henderson
  • Electricity Security Group - JC Fuller
  • Economics, Policy & Institutional Support Group - EM Wendel
  • Optimization and Control Group - K Kalsi

Ram Devanathan Photo
Ram Devanathan
EP&MD Director

Energy Processes & Materials Division

Paul Bredt
Paul Bredt
NSD Director

Nuclear Sciences Division

Energy and Environment

Core Research Areas