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Sustainable Jet Fuel: The Flight Path from Fundamental Science to Applied Technology

Collaborative research leads to aircraft fuel from low-cost waste gases

August 2018

PNNL's thermocatalytic process opened the door to sustainable jet fuel from low-cost waste gases. Commercial partner LanzaTech will build a U.S. facility to make millions of gallons of ethanol-based fuel annually.

Shedding Light on Increasingly Bright Night Skies

PNNL paper examines claims that LEDs are the culprit in brighter nocturnal skies

July 2018

When a recent study confirmed the Earth is getting brighter at night, attributing much of the increase to needless waste resulting from LEDs reducing the cost of lighting and hence driving unwarranted increases in its use, PNNL researchers felt compelled to respond. Their paper, "Light at Night—A Delicate Balance," offers an alternative perspective on what we can—and cannot—conclude about new evidence of brightening night skies.

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