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Simulations Show How Atoms Behave Inside Self-Healing Cement

A first-of-its-kind simulation model reveals self-healing cement performs better than originally thought

January 2018

A PNNL team of computational scientists created a simulation model complex enough to represent all the salient features of PNNL's self-healing cement in both a slurry and in a cured state. This model helps explain how the self-healing cement works and shows that the cement may perform better than originally thought. This self-healing cement has the potential to save millions of dollars in repair costs at geothermal energy and oil and gas sites.

PNNL to Provide Capabilities, Expertise for Four LightMAT Projects

Lab will partner with industry, other national laboratories to advance lightweight materials technologies

January 2018

Access to the Department of Energy's national laboratory capabilities will further the development of lightweight materials technologies, constituting another step towards meeting Vehicle Technologies Office program objectives. Five American-based organizations will receive $2.25M in technical assistance from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratories, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and Los Alamos National Laboratory.

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