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Specialized Ultrasound Technique Inspects Hanford Tank Integrity

This sensor could be deployed under a Hanford tank in 2019

October 2018

Washington River Protection Solutions (WRPS) and PNNL researchers just completed testing of an adapted Ultrasonic Volumetric nondestructive examination process on a 12-by-20-foot mock Hanford waste tank bottom. With this novel sensor technology, it may now be possible to inspect the physically inaccessible tank bottom plates. This has never been possible before because about 90 percent of the tank bottom is blocked by insulating concrete.

Surrogate Waste Tests at Field Lysimeter Test Facility

LAW waste storage forms to be tested

May 2018

A project to assess the integrity of low-activity waste (LAW) waste forms will use the Hanford Site Field Lysimeter Test Facility. The study will produce surrogate waste forms and monitor their wastewater streams for evidence of degradation. The study aims to improve stakeholder confidence in the safe disposal of LAW.

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