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Lin's Nanotubes Article One of the Most Cited in the Field of Chemistry

October 2004
Congratulations to ETD's Yuehe Lin and New Mexico State University's Joseph Wang and M. Musameh on writing one of the recent most cited papers in the field of chemistry, according to Thompson-ISI. Lin's article "Solubilization of carbon nanotubes by Nafion toward the preparation of amperometric biosensors," published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society on March 5, 2003, has been cited extensively. The paper shows how carbon nanotubes can be solubilized in the perfluorosulfonated polymer Nafion solutions; this solubilization overcomes a major barrier for developing biosensors based on carbon nanotubes. Congratulations again, Yuehe!

Page 933 of 1046

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