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Lin Co-Inventor on U.S. Patent for Mass Spectrometer Multispray Emitter

February 2005
Congratulations to ETD's Yuehe Lin and Fundamental Science's Richard Smith and Keqi Tang on being granted a U.S. patent (#6,831,274) for their innovative microchip-based electrospray method. The team developed a methodology that uses two or more emitters simultaneously to form an electrospray of a sample. The spray is directed into a mass spectrometer, increasing the total ion current introduced. The patent also encompasses any mass spectrometer electrospray apparatus wherein two or more emitters are used simultaneously. The microchip-based multi-electrospray emitters improve the sensitivity of mass spectrometers for proteomics and biomarker research, allowing the detection of many new proteins from biological samples. Congratulations, Yuehe, Richard, and Keqi, on this important innovation!

Page 909 of 1046

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