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Staff Accomplishments

Edgar Buck Recognized for Work on Yucca Mountain Regulatory Integration Team

February 2005
ETD's Edgar Buck was recognized by the Deputy Director of the Yucca Mountain Project, John Arthur, for his outstanding contributions to Regulatory Integration Team. Edgar and the other members of the integration team reviewed 25 models detailing various aspects of the planned nuclear waste repository's performance. This review was motivated based on comments from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission during a preliminary review of three Yucca Mountain Project models and on the project's desire to assure that all of the models were consistent, transparent, and accurate. Based on the issues raised in the review, the models were revised. Edgar revised the colloid model report. This model shows how plutonium, which moves as a colloid, migrates. In addition, the model shows how other radionuclides that sorb onto particles behave and their impacts on the downstream dose. This report is an important part of the licensing process for the Yucca Mountain project. Congratulations, Edgar!

Page 908 of 1046

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