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PNNL Team Wins Patent for Stimulus Sensitive Gel with Radioisotope and Methods of Making

June 2005
Congratulations to ETD's Darrell Fisher, EMSL Director Allison Campbell, FSD’s Anna Gutowska and Richard Weller and NSD’s Michael Lind for their recent U.S. patent award (#6,296,831). They invented a radionuclide polymer composite for treating solid tumors that cannot be removed surgically, that do not respond to chemotherapy, or that cannot be treated by external radiation at sufficiently high radiation doses without damage to adjacent critical tissues. The composite consists of a stimulus sensitive gel mixed with an insoluble-form radionuclide. The polymer composite makes it possible to deliver a high radiation dose locally to tumor tissue without irradiating the normal organs and tissues of the body.

Page 874 of 1046

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