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Staff Accomplishments

Carson, Darnell, Fiskum, Lumetta and Steen Recognized for Outstanding Leadership in RPL

November 2005
ETD's Katharine Carson, Lori Darnell, Sandy Fiskum, Gregg Lumetta and Fran Steen were named Radiochemical Processing Laboratory's top five Cognizant Space Managers of the year. They were recognized for going above and beyond their normal duties for achieving clean and safe work spaces for each of their assigned laboratories. The CSMs oversee five laboratories: Katharine, the Simulated Waste Preparation and Testing Laboratory; Lori, the Radiochemistry Separation Laboratory; Sandy, the Ion Exchange Separations and Hg Analysis Laboratory; Gregg, the Radiochemical Separations Laboratory; and Fran, the Shielded Analytical Laboratory hot cells complex. Thank you for your leadership and diligence in keeping RPL staff safe.

Page 842 of 1046

Energy and Environment

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