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PNNL Team Wins Patent for Thermal Swing Adsorption Apparatus

February 2006
Congratulations to ETD's Scot Rassat, Susie Stenkamp, Ward Tegrotenhuis and Robert Wegeng and ESTD's Dean Matson and Vish Viswanathan for their U.S. patent award (#6,974,496). The invention provides compact adsorption systems that are capable of rapid temperature swings and rapid cycling. A gas is passed through the adsorbent allowing heat exchangers to be close to all portions of the adsorbent and utilize less space. The adsorption media is selectively heated, reducing energy costs. Advantages include the ability to use 30-100 times less adsorbent compared to conventional systems. The invention can be used to extract or compress many different types of gases. Congratulations again, team!

Page 825 of 1046

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