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Lin's Nanowire Paper Featured in Essential Science Indicators

May 2006
Congratulations to ETD's Yuehe Lin and his co-authors on writing one of the most cited papers in the field of Materials Science, according to ISI's Essential Science Indicators. Lin's article "Supercritical fluid fabrication of metal nanowires and nanorods templated by multiwalled carbon nanotubes," published in the February 2003 issue of Advanced Materials, has been cited extensively. The paper discusses using supercritical fluid technology for deposition of metal nanowires inside carbon nanotubes and catalytic nanoparticles on carbon nanotube surface. The carbon nanotube-supported metal nanoparticles may be used for developing more efficient and durable low-temperature fuel cells for power generation. The technique may also be used to fill small structures on semiconductor devices for making smaller and more efficient computer chips.

Page 808 of 1046

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