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Revolutionary Coating Process Claims R&D 100 Award

August 2006
Congratulations to ETD's George Deverman for his role in helping develop the innovative coating process of Electro-State Rapid Expansion of Supercritical Fluids, or e-RESS. This technology is the result of a joint collaboration with other PNNL researchers and Micell Technologies. The e-RESS provides several unique capabilities for creating drug-eluting coatings for medical devices. It also acts as an alternative for current solvent-based methods. Due to its ability to inhibit the rate of tissue re-growth over medical implants, such as vascular stents, cardio-implant patients could enjoy better drug delivery, longer implant integrity and a reduced need for replacement surgeries. Congratulations again, George, on this outstanding achievement!

Page 792 of 1048

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