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Nano-Tech Team Wins Environmental Business Journal Award for Sensor

January 2007
Congratulations to ETD's Yuehe Lin, Guodong Liu, and Chuck Timchalk on receiving a 2006 Environmental Business Journal Technology Merit Award for designing and testing a nanotechnology-based sensor that detects organophosphate insecticides and nerve agents. The award is given by the Environmental Business Journal to recognize notable achievements in the environmental industry. The sensor is composed of enzymes that self-assemble layer by layer onto tiny, hollow carbon tubes. When the sensor encounters organophosphates, the enzymes slow down. This reduced activity is transmitted as an electrochemical signal through the carbon nanotubes to an attached electrode. By reading the electrode's measurements, users can determine the concentration of organophosphates in environmental samples and biological fluids. Congratulations again, team!

Page 761 of 1051

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