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New Catalyst that Works in Water Earns PNNL Team Coveted US Patent

April 2007
Congratulations to ETD's John Frye, Jr., Yong Wang, and Alan Zacher and ESTD's Todd Werpy on receiving a US patent (#7,186,668) for their textured catalysts; these new materials speed reactions in water as well as a wide range of aqueous solutions. Traditional catalysts that use aluminas, silicas, or clays as supports are rapidly degraded in many aqueous systems. By catalyzing reactions in aqueous solvents, industries can avoid the time and costs of transferring chemical reactions, such as those used in fermentation product conversions, into a non-aqueous solvent. The new catalysts are composed of a porous support, a metal oxide, and a catalyst component. This work strongly supports our efforts to reduce the environmental effects of human activity and create sustainable systems.

Page 747 of 1046

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