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Richard Barry Co-author on Most-Cited Chemistry Articles

May 2007
ETD's Richard Barry had two articles featured as 2006 American Chemical Society most-cited articles. A most-cited article represents critical research that influences the direction of scientific discovery. In "Normalization approaches for removing systematic biases associated with mass spectrometry and label-free proteomics," the authors investigated four techniques for normalizing peptide abundance measurements from high-throughput LC-FTICR mass spectrometry. The techniques were evaluated for use in label-free quantification of peptide abundances while addressing extraneous variability due to sample preparation and analyses. In "Characterization of the mouse brain proteome using global proteomic analysis complemented with cysteinyl-peptide enrichment," the authors completed the first comprehensive characterization of the whole mouse brain proteome and the most comprehensive proteome coverage for the mammalian brain to date. In this study, 48,328 peptides were identified, corresponding to 7792 proteins. The articles appeared in the Journal of Proteome Research, February 2006.

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