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Bob Scherpelz Receives Award for Article in Russian Publication

June 2007
Congratulations to ETD's Bob Scherpelz on receiving an award for his article in the Russian journal Radiation Safety Problems. Unknown to him, his Russian counterparts submitted documents the team had prepared to the scientific journal published by the Mayak Production Association; subsequently the paper received the journal's Best Paper of the Year award. The article is based on the team's research to reconstruct radiation doses received by Mayak workers in the late 1940s and early 1950s. The Mayak site is similar to the Hanford Site. To reconstruct the doses, the team needed to determine the response characteristics of the film dosimeters used by the site more than 50 years ago. The article describes the calculations and experimental studies on the performance of the dosimeters. Citation: Smetanin, MY, EK Vasilenko, IV Lyubarskaya, VA Knyazev, MV Gorelov, RI Scherpelz, and JJ Fix. 2006. "Calculation Experimental Studies of Energy and Angular Response of the Film Dosimeters used at the Mayak PA," Radiation Safety Problems No. 4, 2006, pp 46-59 (in Russian).

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