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Praveen Thallapally and Pete McGrail - Work featured on cover of July 2008 Crystal Growth & Design

November 2008
Praveen Thallapallay and Pete McGrail's article, "Integrating the fields of crystal engineering and crystal growth for the synthesis and applications of new materials," highlights ongoing discoveries in carbon capture and sequestration. The article reports the first instance of a "gas (CO2) induced" transformation and expansion of an organic solid that converts the high density "guest-free" form of a well known organic host to a low density form and vice versa; a process that one would expect involves surmounting a considerable energy barrier. This transformation occurs despite the fact that the high density form is devoid of channels or pores. It suggests the possibility of a more general phenomenon that can be used to find more porous materials from nonporous organic and metal-organic frameworks that posses void space large enough to accommodate the gas molecules.

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