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Reflector Compact Fluorescent Lights - Technology recognized with FLC Award

December 2008
PNNL's Technology Procurement program implemented a market transformation project aimed at expanding the performance, availability and use of energy-efficient reflector-compact fluorescent lamps (R-CFLs). The PNNL team conducted market research to identify problems with existing R-CFLs, developed technical specifications for production of new models, requested proposals from lighting manufacturers, and tested the products submitted to verify they met size and performance requirements such as minimum life and light output in the high temperature environments found in residential recessed cans. R-CFLs that met requirements are now widely available commercially and the DOE has adopted the testing requirements in the draft ENERGY STAR criteria for R-CFLs. EED researchers recognized include Linda Sandahl, Marc Ledbetter, Jeffrey McCullough, Terry Shoemaker, Terri Gilbride and Kathi Ruiz.

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