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Tim Scheibe 2010 Henry Darcy Distinguished Lecturer

June 2009
Tim Scheibe has been selected as the 2010 Henry Darcy Distinguished Lecturer in Ground Water Science-an award given by the National Ground Water Research and Educational Foundation, a nonprofit organization of more than 13,000 U.S. and international groundwater professionals. This significant honor is a reflection of Tim’s outstanding scientific achievements in characterization and modeling of natural subsurface heterogeneity and its impacts on reactive transport in groundwater systems. Tim will spend 2010 lecturing at colleges and universities to educate and create interest in groundwater science and technology. He will give lectures and meet with students and faculty at 30 to 50 host institutions across the U.S. and internationally. Tim has made significant contributions to advancing fundamental science, and plays an important role in helping shape the scientific community.

Page 661 of 1046

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