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Staff Accomplishments

Praveen Thallapally:Publication covers in September and December 2010

February 2011
Praveen's research was featured on the covers of two publications in just three months' time. The first image was featured on the September 2010 issue of Crystal Growth & Design. The cover, and corresponding article, "Effect of Produced HCl during the Catalysis on Micro- and Mesoporous MOFs," is credited to Praveen and PNNL authors Carlos Fernandez, EED, and Jun Liu and Charles Peden, both of FCSD. The December 2010 cover of CrystEngComm featured an image related to the article "Dehydrated Prussian blues for CO2 storage and separation applications." Other PNNL contributors include EED’s Radha Motkuri and Pete McGrail. Congratulations!

Page 602 of 1046

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