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Staff Accomplishments

Wendy Bennett, Daiwon Choi, Gordon Graff, John Lemmon, Zimin Nie, Wei Wang, Jie Xiao, Wu Xu, and Jason Zhang

November 2012
2012 R&D 100 Award Led by Principal Investigator Jun Liu, these EED staff, along with several FCSD and two EMSL staff, earned a 2012 R&D 100 Award for their work developing graphene nanostructures for lithium batteries. Partnering with Vorbeck Materials and Princeton University, the team used a method patented by Aksay Labs at Princeton University for manufacturing functionalized graphene to create 2D honeycomb lattices of high-capacity electrode materials and graphene. When used as electrodes in lithium ion cells, these nanometer-scale composites show increased battery capacity, improved charge-discharge rates, shorter recharge time, and longer cycle life.

Page 521 of 1046

Energy and Environment

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