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PNNL Completes Analysis of Army Water Usage

December 2014

Army issues official baseline for industrial, landscaping, and agricultural (ILA) water use based on PNNL analysis.

To help the U.S. Army improve water reporting and data management, PNNL evaluated the Army's industrial, landscaping, and agricultural (ILA) water use data gathered through the Army's Energy & Water Reporting System from fiscal year 2013. Based on the results of the PNNL analysis, the Army issued an official ILA baseline to track progress toward reducing ILA water use by 20% by the year 2020.

ILA water is defined as non-potable water sourced from freshwater sources consumed in ILA applications. Specifically, PNNL was tasked to determine the Army's ILA's water users, evaluate the current collection methods, and quantify the ILA baseline. Their analysis determined that the Army's ILA water usage is 5,657 million gallons (Mgal) spread across 32 Army installations, with 4,543 Mgal used for Army industrial purposes, 1,106 Mgal for landscaping, and 8 Mgal for agricultural purposes. Surprisingly, the results also revealed that just two Army installations accounted for over 76% of the Army’s ILA water usage.

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