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Successful Groundwater Workshop to Join International Water Resource Training Program

January 2015
Driving Down the Cost of Renewable Gasoline

At the request of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Dawn Wellman, program manager for environmental remediation and health research at PNNL, organized and taught a week-long course on Groundwater Pollution, Hydrology, and Remediation at IAEA Headquarters in Vienna, Austria, in December 2014. With delegates from 20 countries—from Azerbaijan to Trinidad—the course was so well attended and received that it will become part of the IAEA annual training program for protection of water resources.

The training course provided participants with vital education in the core principles of geological and hydrochemical factors applicable to:

  • remedial designs for cleaning up groundwater,
  • field methods to fully characterize aquifers, and,
  • source zones and plumes to allow selection and design of effective remedial measures and achievable cleanup levels.

It also covered the selection of remediation systems based on variable hydrogeology, life cycle design, and monitoring natural attenuation to enable remediation of radionuclide and heavy metal contamination in regional water resources.

Page 416 of 1046

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