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PNNL Wraps Up New Efficiency Standard for Commercial Ice Makers

January 2015

With a final push over the Christmas holiday, PNNL helped DOE meet its goal of finalizing 10 energy efficiency standards in 2014 in support of the President's Climate Action Plan. The new standards for general service fluorescent lamps and automatic commercial ice makers (ACIMs) along with eight others will help reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by over 435 million metric tons and save American families and businesses $78 billion in electricity bills through 2030.

Through economic analysis, testing, engineering, market assessment, and regulatory writing, PNNL led the development of the standard for ACIMs, which provide large volumes of ice typically used in beverages and to keep fresh fish, salad bars, and other products cold. The ACIM standard alone will help reduce harmful CO2 pollution by 4 million metric tons and save Americans nearly $600 million in electricity bills through 2030.

Since the beginning of the Obama Administration in 2008, new efficiency standards have been finalized for more than 30 household and commercial products that are estimated to save consumers nearly $480 billion through 2030. New efficiency standards, when combined with the progress already made by implementing previously finalized standards, are expected to reduce carbon pollution by at least 3 billion metric tons in total by 2030—equal to more than a year's carbon pollution from the entire U.S. electricity system.

For more information, read the DOE article.

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