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PNNL Shares Nuclear Expertise with Neighbors to the North

April 2015
PNNL Shares Nuclear Expertise with Neighbors to the North
Photo courtesy of Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission
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The Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) is in the process of upgrading its shielded facilities and hot cells at the Chalk River Laboratories in Deep River, Ontario. As part of the project, CNL reached out to DOE's PNNL and Idaho National Laboratory (INL) to provide on-site technical support. Members of PNNL's Nuclear Operations management team spent a week at the Chalk River Laboratories reviewing CNL's upgrade plans and sharing lessons learned. Likewise, the CNL project team visited PNNL to observe first-hand the DOE shielded facilities and discuss additional factors related to DOE's successful nuclear projects.

PNNL shared insights regarding the project's structure, resourcing, and execution, touching on everything from team organization and workflow to safety and equipment reliability. As a result of PNNL's involvement, CNL was able to identify several key areas for improvement.

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