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Pathways to Technology Success

May 2015
Pathways to Technology Success
This infographic shows how fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) work and some of the benefits of FCEVs, such as how they reduce greenhouse gas emissions, emit only water, and operate efficiently. Infographic courtesy of the DOE Fuel Cell Technology Office.
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More than twenty years ago PNNL's Technology Tracking and Impact Assessment team began tracking technologies that entered the market as a result of support from DOE-EERE's Office of Industrial Technologies Programs (now the Advanced Manufacturing Office). Today, the team tracks similar data for several EERE offices, including the Fuel Cell Technologies Office (FCTO), which just released another annual report.

This year's FCTO report identified more than 500 patents that have been issued from FCTO funded research, 45 commercial technologies that have entered the market, and the creation/retention of over 466 jobs that are attributable to these commercial technologies. The report is posted on the FCTO website.

"The report shows the growth of the office and how it's impacting our country," said Steve Weakley, the PNNL senior engineer who leads this work. The report is updated annually to include the latest technologies and patents.

PNNL is now gathering similar data for other EERE offices and will create a new, larger database. "EERE wants to see how technologies get into the market and the barriers to commercial success," Weakley said, "in addition to being more transparent to the public."

PNNL Research Team: Steve Weakley, Lindsay Steele, AJ Rutz, and Margaret Axelson

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