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Yuri Hovanski Awarded with DOE Honors

Advancements in friction stir welding acknowledged by DOE with prestigious Individual Distinguished Achievement Award

June 2015

Outstanding performers who contribute to the research, development, and deployment of energy efficient and sustainable transportation were recognized by the DOE's Vehicle Technologies Office during their June 2015 Annual Merit Review. One of those performers is Yuri Hovanski, Applied Materials and Performance group, who received an Individual Distinguished Achievement Award for his work with aluminum tailor welded blank technology.

Through a partnership with General Motors, TWB Company LLC, and Alcoa, Yuri led PNNL's efforts to develop a friction stir welding process that reduces production time and costs while yielding strong and lightweight parts. The technology enables the joining of different thickness of aluminum sheets without melting the material, reducing the negative effects of high temperature.

The team successfully adapted stir welding technology for use in the automotive industry, and in June 2014 transferred the technology to TWB, who increased the production rate from 1 meter per minute to 3-6 meters per minute. With this throughput, friction welded parts can now join more than 250,000 automotive components a year.

Read more about the achievement award on DOE’s website.

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