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Jeff Dagle Selected as Advisory Board Chair for Grid Resilience Project

Project to address renewable energy deployment issues

October 2015
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Chief Electrical Engineer, Jeff Dagle, was selected to serve as chair of the advisory board for the University of Wyoming's newest grid resilience research project, "Atmosphere to Grid: Addressing Barriers to Energy Conversion and Delivery." As chair, Dagle will provide recommendations while overseeing the advisory board, which is comprised of professionals from industry, the DOE national laboratories, and academia.

The project will address some of today's greatest renewable energy deployment barriers with the intention to increase reliable grid operation in the United States. The University of Wyoming will focus their research in three areas:

  • Atmospheric/Wind Plant Modeling and Control
  • Measurement Based Power System Modeling
  • Transmission Economics Modeling

With a team of experts in areas ranging from atmospheric science to energy economics, the project will leverage unique computational, laboratory, and field resources. Aiming to lower the cost of energy, this project will develop high performing computing tools capable of simulating wind farms under different conditions, use measurements from geographically-dispersed synchrophasors to assess power grid reliability issues, and consider the economic effects of wind and other renewable energy generation on grid operations. Dagle commented that the University of Wyoming's approach goes "well beyond the present state-of-the-art."

This project is funded by DOE's Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research at $4.25 million over the course of three years. After that timeframe, the project may be renewed for an additional three years.

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