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Jim Droppo Key Contributor to NATO Book on Technical Risk

January 2000
Jim Droppo has collaborated with colleagues from around the globe on a new book designed to assist decisionmakers with technological risks. The book, published by NATO, addresses the three pillars of risk science: risk management, risk analysis, and risk perception. The objective of Risk Methodologies for Technological Legacies is to facilitate decision-making activities affecting the environment and human populations associated with NATO. The publication provides risk managers with insight on what to take into account in political, public and private value structures. Risk analysis has become a well-defined process for analyzing the likelihood and consequences of operations, accidents, or the spread of pollutants. Unfortunately, practitioners, in different fields have defined their processes quite differently. This book, Risk Methodologies for Technological Legacies, provides a framework that integrates all existing approaches, showing how they are related and the purposes they serve. You can receive additional information about the book or how to purchase it at Or, contact PNNLís Jim Droppo at 509-372-4239.

Page 1017 of 1046

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