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Laboratory Helps Preserve Hanford History

January 2000
The U.S. Department of Energy published History of the Plutonium Production Facilities at the Hanford Site Historic District, 1943-1990. With writing, design, and management contributions from ETD staff, this book describes the events that led to the creation of the Site, the resulting plutonium production facilities, and the workers during World War II and Cold War. ETD's Darby Stapp wrote sections on the history of Hanford's workers, reactor operations, and research and development. In addition, he served as the book's project manager. ETD's David Harvey wrote sections on Hanford's construction history and operations. In addition, he provided detailed information on the Metal fuels Fabrication Building and other key facilities. ED&C's Sandra Cannon served as the communications manager and authored the guide to resources. Other contributions by Laboratory staff included designers Joanie Slavens and Elaine Schneider, and writer Christine Noonan. The majority of the structures identified in this book have already been or will be demolished during accelerated Site cleanup. By publishing this book, the DOE has helped preserve an understanding of Hanford's place in history.

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