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Cool MOFs. 07.28.17



Out with heavy metal. - 05.11.15


Chemical & Engineering News's Mitch Jacoby quoted PNNL's Pete McGrail in a story on PNNL research developing metal organic framework sorbents for an energy-efficient adsorption cooling system, which was presented at the August ACS meeting. 09.08.14

A noble gas cage 07.21.14


PNNL-developed technologies licensed via Startup America Licenses will lead to new energy efficiency, building protection products. 11.18.11

Drive like the wind  09.12.11

"Two PNNL scientists named ACS Fellows", PNNL chemists Janet Bryant and Gregg Lumetta are among 213 distinguished researchers nationwide recognized by the American Chemical Society, also known as ACS, for their "outstanding achievements in and contributions to science and the profession of chemistry." 8.9.11

 "PNNL receives regional technology transfer awards," The Federal Laboratory Consortium - Far West Region has bestowed two awards upon Pacific Northwest National Laboratory for Outstanding Commercialization Success. Contributors to this technology transfer include John Holladay, John Frye, Dennis Stiles, and Alan Zacher, all of Energy and Environment Directorate, Eric Lund, Technology Deployment & Outreach, Todd Werpy (ADM, former PNNL employee), and James White (former PNNL employee). 8.3.11

 "The heat is on for sodium-manganese oxide rechargeable batteries," New method to make sodium ion-based battery cells could lead to better, cheaper batteries for the electrical grid. 6.7.11

 "International experts converge at PNNL to go beyond lithium ion battery technology." Researchers from around the world will converge on PNNL's campus to discuss the newest battery technology that could make electric vehicles more affordable and reliable. 6.2.11


 "A new catalyst for ethanol made from biomass," Researchers in the Pacific Northwest have developed a new catalyst material that could replace chemicals currently derived from petroleum and be the basis for more environmentally friendly products including octane-boosting gas and fuel additives, bio-based rubber for tires and a safer solvent for the chemicals industry. 8.1.11

 "Colella elected to attend national academy symposium".
Whitney Colella, a senior research engineer at the Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, is one of 85 people across the country elected to attend the National Academy of Engineering's 17th annual Frontiers of Engineering symposium.

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