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EED in the News Feed reports on the delivery of a vanadium redox flow battery by CellCube to the University of Calgary. The vanadium electrolyte was developed by PNNL and licensed by Pure Vanadium Corp, a subsidiary of CellCube. 7.16.18 

Power Technology reports on DOE's confirmation of funding for nine nuclear projects, including $2 million for a Flibe Energy-PNNL project to use nitrogen trifloride to remove uranium from a molten-salt fuel mixture.  7.12.18 

Green Car Congress features DOE's award of nearly $20 million for advanced nuclear technology projects, including $2 million for a Flibe Energy-PNNL nitrogen trifloride project. 7.12.18 

Bio-based News highlights a UK government grant for LanzaTech to develop the first wast carbon to jet fuel project.  PNNL is named as a partner. 7.12.18 

Energy Live News discusses how PNNL and LCW Supercritical Technologies made a splash with uranium extraction from seawater. 7.11.18 

Electrical Comms Data highlights a Lawrence Livermore National Lab project to develop grid transmission and distribution co-simulation tool.  PNNL's GridLAB-D is playing a part. 7.11.18 

Bioenergy International reports on how LanzaTech, Virgin Atlantic are inching closer to building the world's first large-scale alcohol-to-fuel plant, and mentions PNNL as a partner. 7.9.18 

Biomass Magazine reports on a study by PNNL and National Renewable Energy Laboratory that identifies biocrude production potential in the conterminous United States. 7.9.18 

Biofuels Digest reports on LanzaTech's accomplishments in alcohol-to-jet fuels and large-scale facility, mentioning PNNL as a partner.  7.8.18

Inquisitr discusses PNNL research, the future of biofuel all comes down to poop. 7.6.18 

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