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Northrop Grumman mentions PNNL's vanadium redox flow battery technology that was matured in 2011, in an article on how energy storage technology is helping renew and stabilize the electric grid. 9.11.18 

bitnewsbot reports on the recent Senate Energy Committee hearing on blockchain. PNNL's cybersecurity expert Paul Skare was one of the witnesses. 8.25.18 

The Daily Energy Insider describes the hearing held by the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee on the blockchain technology. PNNL's Paul Skare was one of five witnesses to testify. 8.23.18 

American Public Power Association describes the Senate Hearing that explored the potential uses, impact of blockchain in the energy sector. PNNL's Paul Skare was one of the five witnesses. 8.22.18 

Planet Forward reports on how clean energy may eventually get a boost from cryptocurrency technology. The story describes the recent Senate hearing, in which PNNL's Paul Skare served as a witness. 8.22.18 

Good StockInvest reports on how U.S. senators raised crypto mining concerns, proposed government blockchains.  PNNL's Paul Skare was one of five to participate in the testimony.  8.22.18 

Homeland Security News Wire describes the call for smart ideas for grid modernization as part of the Plug & Play DER Challenge, of which PNNL is a partner. 8.8.18 

PowerPulse.Net described the Plug & Play DER Challenge, for which a consortium of national labs and nonprofit organizations -- including PNNL -- announced a call for concepts for interoperability capabilities.  8.7.18 

The Daily Energy Insider highlights the Plug & Play DER Challenge that calls for smart grid concepts.  LBNL is organizing the effort for DOE's Grid Modernization Laboratory Consortium, and PNNL is a collaborator. 8.6.18 

North American Clean Energy highlights a grid modernization Plug & Play DER Challenge call for concepts led by LBNL.  PNNL is one of the key collaborators.  8.3.18 

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