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EED in the News Feed published a story co-authored by PNNL’s Nicholas Ward on the Amazon River’s ecosystem. 01.18.18

Oak Ridge Today reported researchers at PNNL, ORNL & SRNL were among the early pioneers in the field of ecology. 08.06.17

Northwest Public Radio quoted PNNL scientist Carolyn Pearce in an article on PNNL’s ancient glass research is discovering how vitrified waste may weather over hundreds of years. The story was also picked up by Oregon Public Broadcasting. 06.19.17 highlighted PNNL’s E4D-RT tool, which enables scientists to better image the subsurface and could be used for geothermal energy development. 04.17.17 

Northwest Public Radio interviewed PNNL’s Janelle Downs for a story about heavy spring rains increasing cheatgrass growth, which can in turn lead to heavy wild fires when the cheatgrass dries out later in the year. 03.13.17  

Tribology & Lubrication Technology quoted PNNL’s George Bonheyo in a story on PNNL’s modified sawdust material for Arctic oil spill cleanup. 03.01.17

PNNL Director Steven Ashby’s monthly Tri-City Herald column focused on how PNNL uses its five decades of experience to help with Hanford cleanup. 02.19.17

Tri-City radio station 98.3 reported on PNNL’s research into ancient Swedish hilfort glass that may provide information about glass as a waste form for storing radioactive waste. 02.11.17

PNNL Director Steve Ashby’s monthly Tri-City Herald column focused on how PNNL is developing science-based methods to detect secret nuclear explosions and testing with increased sensitivity. 01.25.17

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