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PNNL staff were approached to provide an overview of a couple of papers published on plutonium in aqueous solutions for Science Trends. 03.08.18

The Tri-City Herald reported that the American Nuclear Society honored PNNL’s Radiochemical Processing Laboratory with its Nuclear Historic Landmark Award. 11.27.17

Yahoo! News and Digital Trends posted stories that quote PNNL’s Ram Devanathan as an expert in a story about the University of Manchester-developed modified graphene oxide membranes for water filtration. 09.05.12

Select Science published an article about a PNNL presentation on nuclear forensics to the American Chemical Society. 08.14.17  

The Tri-City Herald reported that PNNL's John Orrell will discuss neutrinos — tiny subatomic particles too small to be weighed individually — at a meeting of the Eastern Washington Section of the American Nuclear Society. 03.11.17

PNNL Director Steve Ashby’s monthly Tri-City Herald column focused on how PNNL is developing science-based methods to detect secret nuclear explosions and testing with increased sensitivity. 01.25.17

The Tri-City Herald posted a guest column by PNNL Lab Director Steven Ashby on nuclear energy solutions being fueled by PNNL research. 10.15.16

DOE Office of Technology Transitions ran PNNL's news release on Praveen Thallapally's Nature Communications paper on a xenon and krypton binding material. 07.13.16

The Sequim Gazette covered Senator Maria Cantwell’s visit to PNNL’s Marine Sciences Laboratory in Sequim. The Senator learned about algal biofuel and uranium extraction from seawater, and viewed a wave simulation laboratory. 07.06.16

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