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An article about the future of spent nuclear fuel being up in the air in The mentions a June 2018 update by PNNL's Steve Maheras to Vermont Yankee Nuclear Decommissioning Citizens Advisory Panel on the status of planning for the future of spent nuclear fuel.

Nuclear Engineering reports on DOE funding for six nuclear research projects at Oak Ridge National Lab. PNNL is one partner on a project to advance simulation. 1.2.19 

Industrial Safety and Security Source reports on grants awarded to Oak Ridge National Lab by DOE to advance nuclear technologies. PNNL is a partner on one of the six projects. 1.2.19 

Scienmag describes Oak Ridge National Lab's partnerships to address multiple nuclear technology challenges. One parternship is with PNNL and Analysis and Measurement Services Corp. to develop criteria testing for age-related deterioration of nuclear power plant cables and insulation. 12.20.18 

The Knoxville Daily Sun reports that local company Analysis and Measurement Services Corp. received $3.5 million from DOE under the advanced nuclear technology development and deployment initiative. PNNL and Oak Ridge are partners in the work. 12.3.18 

Nuclear Energy Insider highlights robotic spent fuel inspection trials are bringing commercial use closer. Field trials were cited, including a blind dry cask storage system inspection demonstration at PNNL. 10.31.18 

A Greater Town describes the PNNL-LCW Supercritical Technologies partnership to develop acrylic fiber which attracts and holds dissolved uranium naturally present in the ocean. 10.12.18 

EurekaAlert reports on a collaboration amont PNNL, the University of Houston, and the University of Pittsburgh to determine what causes nuclear waste glass to dissolve, and how to minimize its effects. 10.10.18 describes what causes nuclear waste glass to dissolve, featuring a collaboration among the University of Houston, PNNL, and the University of Pittsburgh. 10.10.18 

Clipper Oil reports that for the first time, five grams of yellowcake were created using acrylic fibers to extract it from seawater. This research stemmed from a PNNL-LCW Supercritical Technologies collaboration. 10.1.18 

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