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Radiation Portal Monitor Project

The RPMP was established at PNNL in 2002 as a NSD project. Immediately, project management reached out across the Laboratory for critical expertise to help staff this large integration project. Staff in what is now the RM&TD group have been supporting RPMP from the beginning and continue to do so in the key area of site design and deployment. Staff are responsible for completing site designs for the deployment of RPM systems at unique border crossing and import facilities (land, sea, air) to facilitate a DHS requirement to scan 100 percent of imported cargo. This involves working with stakeholders to ensure proper integration with existing systems and the flow of commerce in the location. It involves a rigorous design review process and partnership with local (Tri-Cities) professional engineering companies to produce final (stamped) detailed designs. Staff are also involved in deploying the equipment in the field–overseeing the delivery of equipment and its proper installation–and annual calibration of the monitors.


RPMs positioned in the traffic at San Ysidro, CA, the busiest border crossing in the country for personal vehicles


RMT&TD group member, John Tixier, at RPMP site in Jackman, ME


Air cargo being scanned by a Radiation Portal Monitor at Charlotte-Douglass International Airport, Charlotte, NC

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