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Research Capabilities

Lattice-Boltzmann Modeling

Our staff collaborate with Oregon State University to research key technical issues limiting the deployment of efficient and extremely compact microtechnology based heat actuated absorption heat pumps and gas absorbers. This work will reduce the main barriers to the deployment of a technology that can significantly reduce energy consumption in the building, automotive and industrial sectors while providing a technology that can improve our ability to sequester CO2. We use the lattice- Boltzmann method to model the behavior of bubble formation, growth, deformation, breakup and agglomeration. The liquid-vapor or gas-liquid interface, which has an associated surface tension, is free to move through the lattice grid in response to flow and surface forces. The thermal model allows for evaporation and condensation based on latent heat. We collaborate with other PNNL staff to conduct absorption and desorption experiments in single microchannel gas-liquid contactor devices to support simulation development and to validate results.

Energy and Environment

Core Research Areas